What is the Pioneer Valley Project?

PVP is a coalition of churches, synagogues, labor unions, and other organizations that have a strong interest in community life in the Pioneer Valley. There are currently twenty-six member organizations that form PVP. The member organizations come from all sections of Springfield and the surrounding community. Consequently, its membership is very diverse in terms of race, ethnicity, age, religion, socio-economic status, and just about any other demographic category.

PVP is modeled on a number of other community organizing groups that have effected important social changes in their own communities. The basic goal of PVP is to respond to the concerns that the participants in the member organizations raise as the social problems that are plaguing their communities. To this end, each of the member organizations surveys its congregation or membership each year to determine what particular social issues seem most pressing to its members. PVP then holds an issues assembly at which the entire membership of PVP gives input into what projects and goals the PVP will focus on during the next year.